Hip Hop Jewelry: The Low Down on Bling, Grills, and Ice

When it comes to hip hop culture it is hard to keep all the hip hop jewelry terms apart. But don’t worry because I am going to straighten it all out for you.

Bling – Bling is the term that is used to describe expensive jewelry and also, to describe a lifestyle built around excessive spending. The term bling was first made mainstream by rapper B.G., who’s 1999 album contained a song title ‘Bling Bling”. The track described the lavish lifestyle in which BG and his rap counterparts lived. The term bling has also been used lately as a sarcastic term to describe the seeming vicarious hip hop culture.

Grills – Grill (Grillz) is a term used to refer to a cosmetic dental apparatus featuring gold, platinum, or silver caps which is worn over the teeth. Grills are often fitted with diamond inlays and other precious stones. Grills are often a way to show off ones wealth and success. The term grills has been around for years but came to prominence with the 2005 single by rapper Nelly titled “Grillz”. Rapper Paul Wall made the term grillz even more mainstream with his major label debut “The People’s Champ”. Throughout the album Paul Wall makes numerous references to his own grill and the fact that he owns a business which manufactures grills.

Ice – The term ice (also commonly used as “Iced Out”) refers to any type flashy jewelry. It is commonly used in the same regard as bling but is heavily related to jewelry. Iced is often used when talking about a person’s jewelry which is covered with diamonds, platinum, other sparkly and valuable materials.

I hope this article helped you understand how to properly use the terms, ice, grills, and bling. Now that you know the proper definitions you can start using them in your daily conversations!

Figaro Chains – A Prominent Hip Hop Jewelry

From its growth in the mid 60’s of the last century against the cultural, social and all forms of malpractices, the rap music was regarded as a stormy petrel destined to crush the existing society an to replace it with a new one. For this there was a necessity to initiate new beliefs, styles and many other aspects. The emergence of the figaro chains was therefore also a kind of protest against continuing styles in the society.

The concept of new jewelry has been a prominent feature in hip hop culture ever since it emerged onto the mainstream. The eminent rock stars like the Run DMC rocked heavy and large dookie figaro chains, which are now back in fashion. The same saga was also witness in the 90s. in this very decade, the prominent 2pac initiated the style of wearing a large herringbone gold chain and that also showed for the first time the large figaro chains with a custom made revolver pendant. There is no doubt that the kind of hip hop jewelry like the figaro chains has evolved as a new sensation, and therefore has been continuing as a centerpiece of attention among stars and fans alike. Now, what is the reason behind such an everlasting success of the Hip Hop jewelry? It has come to the knowledge, that the history of the top jewelry in hip hop and its popularity is due to the fact that hip hop jewelry is regarded as a great sign of wealth and prestige. The general thought is that, if you were able to afford something nice and luxurious like large figaro chains, then you were doing something right in the best sense. Now, why did it emerge all of a sudden is very difficult to tell. Perhaps at the initial moment the jewelry was meant to impress women, or even to let other men know who’s in charge, or to denote the advent of a revolutionary consciousness.

To a large section of the society, the Hip Hop jewelry has a deeper meaning. It is a sign of accomplishment and success. For rappers, a jewelry piece may represent a milestone, like a degree. On the other hand, the figaro chains do entail a separate meaning. Most of the renowned rap stars of the future did and appear from very humble backgrounds, for most of whom even a two square meal per days happens to be a dream. With the achievement in the later stages, these figaro chains represent the saga of overcoming those struggles. Thus in no way the hip hop jewelry is not just showing off, but it’s telling off. It’s nothing but an expression of vanity against those who once doubted the very individual, telling off those negatives thoughts in your head telling you to quit when you were down. Hip-hop jewelry is a symbol of conquer and achievement. But this is certainly not the end.